Volunteering: Playing with kids in Remar orphanage in El Tunco, El Salvador

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Our first heart-warming experience of volunteering around Central America was with the kiddies from Remar in the beach town of El Tunco (El Salvador). I had come across this orphanage and school on my first visit in to El Tunco. A friend had told me that they always appreciate visitors and volunteers to help with the kids or for work around the compound.

Manuél, a friend from El Tunco, joined Sandy and I in the late morning and helped us with our bags of donations. Clothes for all ages, school supplies and toys were what the kids were curiously looking at in our bags. We put everything in the kitchen and went to the orphanage house to play with the little ones and the first graders who had already been finished with school for the day.

Though they were shy at first, they warmed up quickly and showered us with smiles, hugs and curious questions, in Spanish, of course. What they most wanted was our attention. Of course… They were living in the orphanage with about 30 kids,  cared for by about 4 women who lived there with their own kids. Widows, abused by their husbands,… Most of the time, the babies were just lying on the floor, waiting to be held and cuddled. Outside, we were playing funny games with the little girls. Chocola-la-la… The boys were flirting with us – they’ll be growing up to become little machos!

I got the football that was donated by Big Deal and we immediately inflated and played with it. Everybody was having so much fun. It’s really the little things that make us all happy. Before lunch, we went to the kitchen and got the sweets which we distributed outside. Such chaos! The other donations were to be distributed by the school director to avoid that kind of chaos and ensure there was something for everyone. We also donated 90€ which went into the food fund. All the kids get lunch at Remar every day.

Remar is an orphanage and a school, also for the other kids of the town. They have about 300 students at the moment and have just built another orphanage house. Volunteers are always welcome. You could help with the construction/painting of facilities, playing with the kids, teaching them, etc. Just stop by when you’re surfing in El Tunco. Every little deed, every little donation makes a difference. And believe me, everything will be appreciated, even if it’s just a bag of gummy bears or a 2 minute cuddle.

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  2. Do you have a contact person at Remar? I’m planning my own visit there! Thank you.

    1. Hi Carmen,

      I went with my friends from El Tunco but they don’t have direct relations with the school. Do you need to reach out to them beforehand? If not, you can just turn up and ask to speak to the manager. They’ll tell you which time is best for you to come back. Because we wanted to play with the little kids, we went in the morning and left just before lunch.

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