About my urge to travel…

… I come from a small town between Frankfurt and Cologne and I always knew there is so much more to see and experience than what is right around us.

… My grandfather’s stories about his travels had already inspired me when I was a very young girl. It always amazed me how he traveled all over Europe, from the small village he was born and spent his life in to the North Cape in Norway, how he took the Trans-Siberian accompanied initially only by his small backpack and how he made lifelong friends along his journeys.

… It had never scared me to travel alone – I was 12 when I went on my first trip all by myself to visit my best friend in Denmark. In the USA, I became part of a family I had never met before. Going to Oman, I knew no one in a culture that was so strange to me. I arrived in Thailand, alone, not knowing who I would meet there. When I moved to Nuremberg, Vienna, and Rotterdam, I had no contacts there. And my newest challenge to start the year 2014: Volunteering in Guatemala, traveling without friends, yet a whole different experience from my previous adventures.

… It took me not much longer than a second to make up my mind when my English teacher in 10th grade asked whether anyone would be interested in going on a one-year high school exchange to the United States. Eight months later I was on a plane to Milwaukee, Wisconsin. It not once occurred to me to go back to Germany early – in fact, I was already making plans about my next long-term stay abroad.

… When I had to decide between London and Muscat for my internship, Muscat was the obvious choice – I had not heard much about Oman before, was not even sure where exactly on the map I would find it, it was a culture I did not know much about. Except that it was different, so different that a lot of people would have picked London instead.

… When asked where I would like to spend my semester abroad, Europe was out of question: It had to be something far away, something absolutely different, something challenging – so Bangkok it was. However, I have recently discovered that Europe has so much more to offer than I expected – weekend trips are now as much on my bucket list as are overseas destinations.

… Airports make me happy – there is hardly anything more heart-warming than standing in the arrivals hall and watching loved ones be reunited.

… Food! So many delicious dishes all over the World that need to be tasted. I love cooking and baking and traveling always inspires me to create something delicious. Mhhh, I’ll collect my favorites for you in this blog.

… Having friends in every corner of the World is simply amazing.

… As much as I love traveling and discovering the World, as much as I enjoy the thrill of the Unknown, the New, I know there is always going to be one constant in my life: My family. And there is nothing sweeter than returning home and realizing their love for me is as great as ever.

… I hope that through my pictures and stories, you will find a source of inspiration – go out into the World, make friends along the way, have stories of your own that you can tell your grandchildren about and that will bring you joy whenever you look back onto your life. There are so many amazing places, interesting cultures, mind-blowing sceneries, wonderful people – all of which will broaden your horizon. And yes, it is often challenging, some climbs might be steep, you will have to exceed your limits at times but in the end, you will return a stronger person. Let me tell you: It’s all worth it!

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