Where to eat in Kisii (Kenya) that’s safe for Western stomachs

You’ve made your way to Kisii and are wondering where to get some good food? In Kenya, a lot of food places don’t prepare their dishes in a hygenic, safe manner and that can result in some very unpleasant days or even weeks for the European or North American stomachs amongst us. I’ve tested a few places for you and here’s a list of the best restaurants in Kisii that you can trust and enjoy.

Kahawa Kulture

Kulture is an awesome place for you to satisfy your craving for Western food. It’s amazing value for money – you’ll definitely leave a full stomach. Pasta bowls are massive and will cost you around KHS600 or £4.50.The pizza is a favourite amongst guests and around the same price but you can also get burgers and sandwiches. Lots of people actually come here for the milkshakes – chocolate is my favourite flavour! It’s like heaven on earth on a hot day. You’re also safe to have drinks with ice cubes – try the Iced Latte.

Added bonus: They have a cocktail bar and do Shisha. Plus the Wifi is the best in town.

Favourite item on the menu: Chocolate Milkshake

Where: Opposite Nakumatt Supermarket


Dans Hotel

You can get a big variety of traditional Kenyan dishes along with a few Indian and Western plates for decent prices. I like this place because it’s one of the only ones that has quite a few vegeterian options. It’s quite hard to find that on other menus in Kisii. You can safely eat meat here though. The food isn’t outstanding but it’s not bad either. There is Wifi here although it’s pretty bad at times.

Favourite item on the menu: Scrambled eggs, vegetable masala and chapati

Where: Opposite St. Vincent’s Diocese


Ufanisi Resort

What a beautiful place! You will love coming here just for the atmosphere. It seems like it’s well out of town, away from all the noise and bustle. There is a beautiful garden area and you can dine in the shade of trees or chill by the pool and have your food there. The milkshakes are tasty here (and at KHS250 slightly cheaper than at Kahawa Kulture) and so is the fresh mango juice. They have traditional dishes on the menu but also pasta, burgers, and salads. What I like about this place is that they have some unusual Kenyan dishes as well – I haven’t seen those on any other menu. They do have wifi although the two times I went, it was down.

Added bonus: Lovely ambience!

Favourite item on the menu: Meat or fish from the grill with kale and rice

Where: Just a 5 minute walk from Tusky’s supermarket


Gesonso Water Park Resort

This is another place in Kisii that’s made special by the setting it is in – a beautiful huge garden with wooden furniture. They mostly serve meat or fish dishes but you can also just get some cabbage or traditional veggies with fries, chapati, rice or ugali. We came here for a Valentine’s dinner and they were serving BBQ meats with veggies and side dishes. The meat was so well-seasoned and perfectly grilled so it was nice and soft. There is wifi even in the garden!

Favourite item on the menu: Lamb or chicken from the grill (choma)

Where: Take a matatu from the market to Gesonso


Buddy’s Bar & Grill

This a huge place just up the road from Hotel Dans. You want to avoid ordering pizza here as the actual size of the pizzas is much smaller than what’s on the menu and they are really expensive, too. For much better value for money, go for grilled meats. The best part about this place is definitely the chapatis – the best chapatis I’ve ever had. No wifi unfortunately, or I’d come here more often.

Favourite item on the menu: Chapatis!!! And they do a delicious Masala chai tea.

Where: Up the road from Hotel Dans/St. Vicents


Dallas Bar & Lounge

Although I have not personally eaten here, most of my team has and they are really happy with the place. The food is cheap here and safely prepared. It’s right in town and more of a drinking place with TVs for sports events. So if you’re watching some football and crave a bit of food, you’re alright to order some sausages and fries. There is Wifi.


Hopefully with these recommendations you’ll stay safe from nasty stomach bugs. But if you’re anything like me, you love buying street food… I can never resist buying fresh fruit from street vendors and the mandazis and samosas here are quite delicious, too. What doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger, right?

So, enjoy!

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  1. this was very helpful i am travelling to kisii and this gave me really good ideas of where to eat and what to expect thank you

    1. I’m glad I could help 🙂

  2. Thanks for this! I’m in Kisii for a couple months and have already been to Kahawa Kulture (loved it)! Another question – do you happen to know if there are any gyms/fitness centers in Kisii? I haven’t been able to find much information online about Kisii. Thanks so much!!!

    1. Hey Becca! So sorry for the late reply. Are you still there? Have you found a gym? There are a couple, it’s best to ask around as you won’t find much online. I always went to Kisii Sports Club which was quite good.

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