Voluntourism: My up-coming trip to Central America

I’m traveling to Central America and will be doing some volunteering along the way. But it’s not going to be the kind of volunteering I was doing earlier this year with a women’s weaving cooperative in Guatemala. This time, I have created my very own project together with my dear friend and awesome travel companion Sandy. What’s it all about? Instead of just chilling on the beach and living the fun backpacker life, we thought we could also do something impactful and make others happy. So we’re combining traveling and some touristy activities with volunteering – voluntourism.

We will be visiting several organisations along our trip to distribute everything but also to play with and teach the children we meet. This will be so much fun, we’re sure. We have been collecting donations throughout the past months – both monetary and in-kind. These donations will be used for schools and orphanages because our ultimate goal is to bring a little bit of happiness to Central America’s children. We haven’t packed the suitcases yet but I’m sure we’ll have at least three suitcases full of clothes, toys, tools, and school supplies. The money that was donated will largely be used to ship the donations in-kind, to buy supplies at local retailers, and to help out where ever else needed. We’re happy that we have received quite some support. A huge ‘Thank you!’ to all our supporters. So what’s the plan for our journey?
This Saturday morning we’re flying to El Salvador where we will be spending a couple of days in El Tunco. That laid-back and fun beach town, famous for its surf, will serve as our base in El Salvador. Here, we are in touch with Remar, operating a school/orphanage in the region. They’re always in need of clothes for their children but money to pay teachers or buy food is also scarce. My friends from El Tunco will be helping us out a little.
Then our journey will lead us to Guatemala where we will volunteer with an orphanage in Rio Dulce – on Guatemala’s Caribbean side. From there, we’re moving towards Belize and will probably spend about a week on one or several of Belize’s stunning Caribbean islands. We don’t have any contacts here yet concerning volunteering so let us know if you do! Our next stop will be Costa Rica. I guess here we will be spending about 10 days before Sandy’s heading back towards Germany. I might stay a little longer though before moving on to Nicaragua and finally back to El Salvador from where I’ll catch my flight back to Germany in mid-August. We do have some contacts in Costa Rica and have been looking at several organisations we could volunteer with but haven’t decided on anything yet. Same as with Belize, if you have any contacts in Nicaragua, please let me know.
I’m so excited to get this trip started and put a smile on those cute kids’ faces. I sure hope everything works out as we’d like it to and though we know our impact will be small, to put a little hope in the lives of the people we meet will be rewarding.
Stay tuned for updates from our trip and tons of pictures – on Facebook, this blog or our project website (Trevolta).

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