Vienna Travel Guide: Restaurants

So you’re travelling to one of my favourite cities in the world and wondering where to eat? Here’s your insider guide to restaurants in Vienna.

If you’ve made it here, how could you miss out on the famous Wiener Schnitzel? Despite being quite the tourist hotspot, the Wiener Schnitzel at Figlmüller is still the best I had in Austria. There are two restaurants in the first district, both so busy that you might have to wait more than an hour to get a table, especially on the weekend. Worth it though!
The next must-eat: Kaiserschmarren. One of the best dishes in the world if you have a sweet tooth. Try one at Heindls Palatschinkenpfandl, they have about 10 different kinds plus tons of variations of sweet or savory ‘Palatschinken’ which are similar to the French crêpes.
Not to miss: The original Sacher Torte from Hotel Sacher right in the city center. It’s one piece of heaven.



In summer, it’s lovely sitting outside on Piaristenplatz. You can choose between Il Sestante, an Italian restaurant, and Maria Treu, an Austrian restaurant.

Naschmarkt is walking distance from Karlsplatz, has many delicatessen shops as well as restaurants and cafés besides fruit and vegetables stands. NENI serves yummy Middle Eastern food, great if you’re a Hummus fan. Delicious seafood options, too.

Fancy a relaxed brunch on the weekend? If you’re looking for something a little different than the usual meat and cheese platter, try ZWEITBESTER. Home-made spreads and jams, cake, high-quality meat, fresh waffles and eggs made to order are some of the options. For 13,50€ it’s probably the best deal you can get.


For all sushi lovers, DOTS – Restaurant Bar Lounge is the place to go though it’s also quite pricey. Cheaper options are Natsu Sushi or Hanil Sushi Restaurant (serves all-you-can-eat running sushi for 12-16€).

As an ice cream fanatic, I highly recommend Eis-Greissler. Local ingredients are used to make some fancy flavors besides the regulars. Try dark chocolate, raspberry, peach, goat cheese, caramel, strawberry, cookies, lemon basil,…


And for all the vegetarians or vegans among you, yamm has a delicious buffet where you’ll pay per gram. Dishes vary daily. How about some Falafel, beet root salad, Asian glass noodle salad, spinach ricotta ravioli, different flavors of hummus,…

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