[Video] 68 days in Kenya with Balloon Ventures ICS

Volunteering is a wonderful and rewarding experience and I cannot recommend taking this opportunity enough. It can help you find yourself and show you a new path in life. If you’re on your gap year, on semester break or in between jobs, it is something you should consider doing. In this post I want to show you my one second everyday video from my time of volunteering with Balloon Ventures ICS in Kisii, Kenya. Hopefully you will find some inspiration from it.


My life in Kisii

From January to April 2017, I was living with the loveliest host family in a town called Kisii. Their two little boys were the cutest ever and they brightened up every single day of my time in Kenya. I also made friends with the kids in my neighbourhood and I miss being greeted by their laughter and joy every single day after work. It was also truly rewarding seeing how positively we impacted the lives of many local Kisii entrepreneurs.

Life in Kisii: Of love & kindness – This is a post about the lovely people I met on placement

Life in Kisii: Of Ugali & bananas – This one talks about the local food

Life in Kisii: Of drop hole toilets, bucket baths & cockroaches – And this one is all about the very basic living conditions I had to put up with for three months


What is Balloon Ventures?

Balloon Ventures, part of the International Citizen Service (ICS), is one of the first ever international programmes to bring together entrepreneurs, youth volunteers and interactive microfinance to positively change lives. During my time in Kisii, I was working with a bunch of UK and Kenyan volunteers and we helped local entrepreneurs to launch exciting businesses that create jobs and better livelihoods. Since joining the ICS two years ago, Balloon Ventures has helped to launch 150 businesses across Kenya, supporting 550 local entrepreneurs.

Interested in finding out more or joining yourself? http://www.balloonics.org/.


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