Top 10 Winter Escapes 2017 – Follow the sun this winter

September promises us a nice Indian summer here in London but I can already see winter fast approaching in Europe and the rest of the Northern hemisphere. Yeah alright, I admit it… I’m at least a tiny bit excited for cozy evenings at home on the sofa with a big fuzzy blanket, tea and a good movie. But come January who isn’t sick of the cold and in desperate need of some sun, planning to escape winter?

Let’s follow the sun this year and escape the cold. Here’s my list of top 10 winter escapes for 2016/17. Warm temperatures, sun, beach and a new adventure or two. With this guide to the best winter sun holidays, the only question remaining is: Where to first?

1 – Sri Lanka

Why go: Undiscovered, up-and-coming. Sri Lanka is getting more and more attention from travellers all over the world who want to discover the countries beautiful beaches, lush green rainforest, famous tea plantations, mouth-watering food and lovely people. It’s great for surfing and yoga retreats all while being super affordable.

Instagram Inspiration: Everyday Sri Lanka and lk_dreaming.

Blogger travel guide: Nerd Nomads

Best time to go: December to March


2 – Colombia

9 - Playa Blanca Lunch with Argentinians (50)-1
Playa Blanca

Why go: It’s no secret that I’m a huge fan of Colombia. The country is diverse and its people just lovely. In two to three weeks you can do everything from relaxing on the beach to hiking through coffee plantations in the mountains, having a sundowner at the famous Cafe del Mar in Cartagena, a world heritage site, or partying the night away in the country’s city of eternal spring, Medellin!

Instagram Inspiration: Roby in Colombia and seecolombia

Blogger travel guide: 3-week itinerary plus tips for accommodation & food & how to get around.

Best time to go:  December to February


3 – Cuba

Why go: Time has stopped in this colourful country for many centuries and it’s a very exciting time to go now that so much is changing. Unesco-listed cities, Caribbean beaches, lively streets.

Instagram Inspiration: IG Cuba and Cuba Gallery

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Best time to go: November to March


4 – Ecuador

Why go: Explore the Amazonian rainforest and Galapagos islands, enjoy the views from the world’s scariest swing at Baños, go surfing, learn about life in the mountain villages of the Andes and stroll through picturesque colonial cities.

Instagram Inspiration: Ecuador Travel and Ecuadortravel_IG

Blogger travel guide: Amazing places to visit in Ecuador

Best time to go: December to April for coastal region and Galapagos; June to September for the highlands


5 -Vietnam

Why go: You will find unexpected beauty in this country – from white-sand beaches to lush green rice fields in the mountains and of course, the beautiful rock formations in Halong Bay. Plus excellent food!

Instagram Inspiration: IG Vietnam and Visit Vietnam

Blogger travel guide: Complete travel guide to Vietnam

Best time to go: July and August is high season but December to March are great (cold weather in the far North)


6 – Mexico

Photo credit:
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Why go: If palm trees, white beaches and turquoise blue water aren’t enough for you, don’t worry. Mexico will give you jungles, volcanoes and deserts along with Maya temples, spicy food, many fiestas and amazing people.

Instagram Inspiration: Mexico Travel and Explore Mexico

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Best time to go: October to May


7 – Tanzania

Why go: Meet Maasai warriors, hang out on beautiful beaches, climb Mt Kilimanjaro, explore the country’s wildlife on safari – sounds like a pretty adventurous winter holiday, doesn’t it?

Instagram Inspiration: Tanzanian Destination and VSCO Tanzania

Blogger travel guide: Quick Travel Guide to Tanzania and Tanzania – A local travel guide

Best time to go: June t0 September is high season, but hot weather and lower prices from October to February


8 – Philippines

Why go:  I mean… look at this photo… With the Philippines all I’m thinking is perfect white beaches, unreal turquoise blue water, friendly people, good food and loads of time to wind down and reenergise.

Instagram Inspiration: Philippines Traveler and Go Philippines

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Best time to go: December to April


9 – Costa Rica

16 - Playa Santa Teresa Sunset and Flor de Cana (44)-1

Why go: If you’re looking for a great mix of action and relaxation, beach and mountains, then Costa Rica is for you. It’s got something for everyone, from backpackers to more luxury travellers and even families. Amazing surf, jungle adventures, yoga retreats, nightlife, and so much more.

Instagram Inspiration: Costa Rica Official and Discover Costa Rica

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Best time to go: December to April


10 – Mozambique

Why go: Definitely off the beaten track but people say Mozambique is one of the continent’s best safari destinations. Besides amazing safaris, you can also enjoy beautiful white sand beaches and it’s absolutely great for diving (and still very well preserved). But be aware, it’s probably not the best destination for unexperienced travellers (yet).

Instagram Inspiration: Not a lot yet but here is one… Mozambique Travel

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Best time to go: May to November but Southern part is good year-round


Tell me in the comments where you’d like to go for your next winter sun holidays!

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