Zip lining in Monteverde with eXtremo (Costa Rica)

If you’re in Costa Rica, you should definitely make your way to Monteverde. You can spot some really cool wildlife and all that lush green of the forest is stunning. Plus you can go on a canopy tour if you’re up for a bit of an adrenaline kick. There are several tour companies in Monteverde offering a ziplining experience (plus bungee jumping and other activities) but we consistently heard of Monteverde eXtremo Park being the best one. We agree. Here’s why.

What an adventure! Flying hundreds of meters high up in the Cloud Forest of Costa Rica… We loved every single bit of the Monteverde eXtremo Park Canopy Tours. We booked the Canopy Tour plus Tarzan Swing and Superman line. You could also opt in for a bungee jump. There are 14 zip lines, the longest 1030 metres long, and the whole tour lasts around 2.5 hours. The tour guys were all super friendly and funny and made us feel comfortable and secure throughout.

We were picked up from our hostel in town and met by the eXtremo guys in the shop with a big smile. They were super friendly and knowledgeable. We were quickly given our gear and they helped us into it before we headed of to the first station. Time for some theory and a practice round. After we’d learned all we needed to know, we walked through the trees to the first real platform. It was a good start to the tour before zip lines got longer and the views better. Some of the lines you had to do in pairs which added a bit of extra fun.

At a later stage, there was an abseiling platform and then we reached the Tarzan swing. OMG! Simultaneously the best and the worst experience of my life… Imagine you’re attached to a rope at your chest and you’re supposed to jump into nothingness and then freely swing. It took me ages to muster up the courage to go up and I let most other people pass. When it was my turn, I stood at the edge of the platform and couldn’t move… My legs felt like pudding and then one of the guys shoved me further this tiny bit more so I’d fall and swing. Retrospectively, I’m a bit embarrassed by the scream that escaped my lungs. It was so loud and shrill that it both frightened and amused the others in my group. But I did it and the adrenaline rush I felt afterwards was amazing.

My favourite bit was the Superman zip line – another adrenaline rush. You’re attached to the line at your back so you’re flying face down at a really fast speed. It was scary at first but after the first seconds, I loved every bit.

Make sure to take your GoPro if you have one but even if you just have a normal digicam, you can take them out on most lines. Just hold on tightly!

Now about the booking: Back when we booked, it was much cheaper booking with a local tour guide in town rather than online so I suggest you ask around for prices. It may seem a bit pricey if you’re traveling on a budget but it is worth every cent.

Tell us about your experience in the comments 🙂 Happy zip lining!


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