10 signs you’ve found the perfect travel buddy

One of the most important factors when travelling is who you’re travelling with. This can make or break a good trip and of course we all want to make life-long, positive (!) memories. It may not be your best friend – because, believe me, you may get on great in ‘real life’ but on a 6-month backpacking trip through South America? That may be a different story entirely. This doesn’t necessarily say anything about your friendship just that we all have different travel styles and that’s a good thing. 

So ideally, especially on longer trips, you want to be travelling with your perfect travel buddy (or buddies) – be it your partner, your best friend, brother or sister or a friend you’ve made on your last trip. But don’t get me wrong, even if you’ve found him or her, there’ll be times when you disagree over smaller things or you just need a few hours, maybe a day apart. It may also be that you have several ‘perfect travel buddies’ for different kinds of trips – a weekend of partying in Ibiza with your mates from uni, a spiritual backpacking trip through India with your best friend, a city break with your partner. In any case, travelling with the right person will make your trip much less stressful and that much more enjoyable. You may just have the best time(s) of your life with them.

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So how do you know you’ve found your perfect travel partner(s)?


1 – They like the same kind of activities.

Chilling on the beach all day with a few cocktails? Exploring cities and ticking off every museum in town? Seeking outdoor adventure and chasing one adrenaline rush after the other? Hopping from party to party? Or maybe you both like a good balance out of all of these. In any case, you should be looking for the same kind of trip.

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2 – They’re curious and inquisitive.

They like exploring as much as you do and are ready to really experience a country. They don’t say ‘no’ very often.

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3 – They’re easy company.

You will spend many, many hours together, sometimes only the two of you. So you’ll want to have plenty to talk about, common interests, past memories, whatever it may be. At the same time, you’re absolutely comfortable not talking for a while – silence between you is never awkward. You simply like being around them.



4 – They’re into food, local food that it is, or are at least willing to give it a try.

Fighting over where to have breakfast, lunch and dinner and endlessly walking from restaurant to restaurant only to end up in the same pizza joint, or worse even, McDonald’s, isn’t fun. It’s good if you have similar taste.

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5 – They complement you.

You should have lots of things in common but differences are great too. You’re completely clueless when it comes to planning an itinerary? Great, your partner in crime will force you to think up a plan with them on the plane. Do they like a sleep-in but you’re an early bird? Throw them out of bed early every once in a while – they’ll thank you later for having seen the most beautiful sunrise in Colombia or beating the crowds at the Taj Mahal. Let them sleep in some days and simply enjoy a little me-time on the beach or get in a workout. It’s all about compromise.

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6 – They’re spontaneous – ‘yes’ and ‘why not’ are their favourite words.

They may call you up one Thursday, telling you they pick you up from work tomorrow and you’re heading to the countryside for a weekend getaway. No questions asked, you’re ready to go. They’ll say ‘yes’ to a pool party invite by a Colombian family in your hostel and ‘why not’ to trying snake blood in Cambodia and animate you to join in on the fun. With them, adventure certainly awaits around every corner.



7 – They’ve got a pretty good sense of humour and are full of positivity.

Absolutely essential because things go wrong when you travel and you’ll appreciate being with someone who is still smiling after having spent the night freezing in a 15-hour sleeper train across India. They’ll keep up your spirits after flight delays, stomach bugs, cultural faux-pas, anything really. You’ll be laughing about these things in no time with them.



8 – They’re on the same kind of budget.

Or at least happy with the same hotel/food/transport standards. It’s no fun arguing over money on the trip so talk about it openly beforehand and decide your rough budget for accommodation, food, transport and activities.



9 – They can survive without their smartphone.

Who enjoys spending time with someone who’s constantly on their phone? Restrict phone use to a few hours a day when you’re both relaxing and enjoying some alone-time. Also, Google Maps may be a life-saver at home when you’re meeting someone at a new place at a specific time but when traveling, getting lost is the best thing in the world.



10 – They know your flaws.

Snoring? They’ll have brought super earplugs. Prone to losing your valuables? They’ll have an eye on it for you and will always check if you’ve got your passport before leaving the hostel. We’ve all got our flaws – knowing about them not only avoids unpleasant surprises but it allows you to help each other better.



Have you found your perfect travel buddy? Let me know in the comments below what you appreciate about them most and share this blog post with them 🙂

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  1. Lovely read. I am yet to find such companion. Snoring part made me laugh.

    1. Haha thanks, happy it made you laugh! And I’m sure you’ll find him or her soon 🙂

  2. This just put a smile on my face. Your pictures have happiness screaming all over them. And yes, finding the right travel buddy can be more difficult than finding any other buddy. Ever!

  3. Gosh, there are no words to describe how important it is to have a compatible travel partner. Finding one is truly a blessing!

  4. This post put a huge smile on my face, thank you! Your pictures have happiness written all over them. The right buddy can bring so much added value to your travels! Memories for life!

  5. Finding a traveling companion can sure be hard. Lucky for me, I married mine. I think that mutual respect is so important. One’s journey isn’t necessarily the same for the other. If you are willing to bend and yield to appreciate each other’s unique experience, then you are more likely to be successful.

  6. Great post. I know it can be very difficult to find a travel buddy that likes the same things and that complements you. So if you found one value your travel buddy dearly. In my experience the best way to meet a travel buddy is on the road.

    1. That’s true… you already know you’ve got quite a bit in common with a travel buddy you’ve met on the road seeing that you’re on a similar trip.

  7. My husband actually makes a great travel buddy! He’s constantly encouraging me to explore new places and we love the same activities and foods. He’s also an awesome amateur travel agent 😉

    1. That sounds awesome! You’re really lucky with your husband 🙂

  8. I <3 this article and the pictures. I have a close group of friends (including my husband) who are always the perfect travel buddies. We might not agree on everything, but at the end we always have a blast and the perfect memories.

  9. I agree with all of this! And I love your pictures! So Fun! I’ve been blessed with some great travel buddies.

  10. It’s so hard to find perfect travel buddy! That’s why i usually travel alone cause if i travel with someone for long period and on the trip we find out we are not compatible that is the worse thing.

  11. Such great advice! Having a travel buddy is a great way to ensure your travels go the best they can. Mine is my son! We’ve been travelling full time for almost 2 years, so have learned quite a bit about travelling together!

    1. Wow that’s so nice! I bet he loves it, too.

  12. Aww this made me think of all the lovely holidays I’ve had with various friends, and one which pretty much ended a friendship. It is the hardest thing to know whether or not you will get on until you try. ‘Maybe we should add, go away for a weekend together first lol.

    1. Ha yeah, good idea! Although I’ve been on weekend trips with friends which were great but then longer term trips turned out to be a bad idea…

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