NYC Travel Guide: 5 days itinerary

It’s been more than a month that I’ve been back from my winter break travels and the last piece of that very adventure (Guatemala & El Salvador) has led me back to the USA. Yes! I finally made my dream come true: New York City – the city that never sleeps. And indeed, it never does. Walking around Times Square around midnight, I almost felt like it was bright day. Streets always busy, lights inspiring you. Love love love!

I hope you find this 5 day travel guide and itinerary to NYC useful and get some ideas of what to do and where to go.
Only being there for about 4 1/2 days, I was of course a bit pressed for time but I think I made the most of it and enjoyed every single minute there. I stayed mostly in Manhattan, though I did make it half across the Brooklyn Bridge. And I also spent some time in Staten Island, involuntarily… that stupid metro system!


Here’s what was doing:

Day 1

  • My daily morning Chai Latte at Gregory’s Coffee and wondering ‘In which direction should I wander off and get lost today?’
  • First things first: Times Square Selfie… And wow: Which billboard to look at first?
  • Alright, straight ahead towards Central Park – that was easy, just walk along Broadway ’til you reach the roundabout where the Trump Tower longs for the sky
  • To-do for the night: Visit bar-tending friend at The Liberty and drink my first real Cosmopolitan – thanks God my drinks were free!

Day 2

  • Figure out the metro system and get to City Hall then walk half-way across the Brooklyn Bridge – man, it’s cold!

  • Taking my aunt’s advice and looking for Century 21 – oh lá lá, got some pretty sweet deals there!
  • Shopping on 42nd street and 5th avenue. Steve Madden shoes on sale, hell yeah!
  • Dinner at Korea Town, my favorite: Dumplings and a selection of 8 starters for free – mh, that was good. The atmosphere was not very cozy though, the place was bursting full and busy busy busy. Left the restaurant with a full belly and only $12 less in my pockets.

  • Another night at The Liberty: Crashed a Jewish Private High School reunion – and got everyone wondering ‘How come I’ve never seen her at school?’

The Empire State Building and New York Philamonica

Day 3

  • That’s a location I wouldn’t mind studying in: The New York Public Library

  • Glimpse at the MoMA; next time I’ll actually go inside
  • Wow, a train station no other I’ve seen can compare to: Grand Central Station
  • Meet my friend Scott whom I’ve met during my stay in El Salvador – he’ll show me around NYC, yay!
  • Take a stupid photo with the Wall Street Bull
  • Hop on the Staten Island ferry – the only public transport system that is offered free of charge. Take a selfie in front of the Statue of Liberty: Check!
  • Wow, that was a long day of walking. A quick rest at the amazing apartment of Scott’s friend: ‘Oh yeah, Cameron Diaz moved in across the street.’
  • Time for drinks and snacks. Scott’s treating me to some delicious Asian at Tao in Manhattan.
New York Public Library
Grand Central Station
View of Manhattan from the Staten Island Ferry
That stupid Wall Street Bull picture everyone always talks about…

Day 4

  • Oh no, last full day.. Time to head down to the Meatpacking District – gotta know what all that fuzz is about, right?
  • I spot some hip places – wouldn’t mind living in that area.
  • Breakfast at Chelsea Market – hard choice but I went for Amy’s Bakery and got an oats and raisin scone and a chocolate twist with a Chai latte. No regrets.

  • What a shame my blisters bothered me so much that I couldn’t walk along Highline Park, next time.
Day 5
  • Pack my bags and leave my friend’s place where I crashed, right on Broadway. By the way, him I’ve met during my first week and then again one of my last weeks in Guatemala. I love backpacking for all the amazing people you meet on the way.

And in no time, the airport’s calling… Wow, I’m leaving NYC totally impressed (and am secretly hoping the announced snow storm kicks in earlier and lets me stay here for a few more days…).

I’ll be back, New York!

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