My first days of volunteering at Asociación Lema

Preparing a color pattern for a scarf.

I started my four weeks of volunteering with Lema this Monday. Lema is a women’s textile cooperative based in San Juan La Laguna, Guatemala. The association is run by Rosalinda who is also going to be “mi mamá” for the next weeks as I’ll be living with her family. She is a lovely woman, together with her husband Ruben, she has three very sweet kids. Their oldest daughter Yayme is 22 years and usually runs the shop on the ground floor of their two-story house. Then there is Juan, who is 18 years old, and Tanya, 12 years, who still goes to school.

Every morning, Rosa prepares breakfast for the family. At 8am, Yayme takes me downstairs to the shop where I’m currently learning how to weave my own scarf. This is so much harder than it looks – it requires enormous concentration, precision, and skill. Until now, my scarf does not nearly look as pretty as those the women are weaving and I don’t think it ever will. The whole process is so time-consuming that I haven’t really had the time to do anything besides preparing color patterns and starting my own scarf. Lunch is always cooked by Antonia and after a short break to rest, we go back to the store and continue our work. Rosa is often out meeting the women of Lema or going to church. We end the day around 5pm and I usually have time to explore the little village a bit further. Dinner time is around 7pm and I take the chance to talk with the family and improve my Spanish. I hope that by the end of those four weeks, I’ll be a bit better than I am now!!
Rosa starting to weave my scarf for me to continue
My plans for the coming days are to look for new products and patterns that Lema can sell to tourists who roam the village during the day, usually stopping by from one of the other villages around the lake. Updating Lema’s Facebook page is also a top priority. 
Why don’t you like their page? You can find it right here: Asociación Lema

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