Muchas gracias Guatemala!

Teaching Yayme how to make a chocolate, avocado, banana cake – no baking required.

Wow, I can’t believe that tomorrow is going to be my last day volunteering with Lema’, my last day in San Juan La Laguna, my last day with my lovely host family. As usual with new adventures and good times – time flew by way too fast.

My new “sister” Yayme and her daughter Lynda

 I would like to say ‘Muchas gracias’ to my host family, the women of Lema’ and everybody else who made my stay here so special. Thank you for expanding my horizon and making me see the World through yet another perspective. Thank you for everything I have learned throughout my stay. Thank you for making me part of your family. And finally, thank you for enriching my life with so much warmth and joy. These have been four weeks I’ll certainly never forget. They have changed me and encouraged to become yet a better person. I’ll do my best to keep trying to change the World, one small step at a time.

Already, I’m looking forward to my new adventure. Let’s see what’s it gonna be this time… only so much: There’s already an idea lingering in the back of my head and it’s got to do with a continent south of Europe…

The girls eating dinner

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