Lonely Planet’s top countries to visit in 2017

Recently I’ve shared with you my Top 10 Winter Escapes 2017. Now top travel guide publisher Lonely Planet has come up with their own list of best in travel 2017 and funny enough, their number 2 is also number 2 on my list. But there are some other worthy additions to the list so I wanted to share it with you for some extra inspiration. And… the year is long so why not add a few extra destinations to your 2017 bucket list? Maybe go on a winter escape in January and then on a beautiful summer trip in July? I’m so in!

So here is Lonely Planet’s list of best destinations for 2017.

Little spoiler alert… Number 2 and Number 8, I’ve both ticked off my list and can certainly highly recommend: Colombia and Oman!

Strolling through Cartagena’s historic city centre

Evenings on the corniche in Mattrah


The other countries I have definitely added to my list and if I had to pick two out of these for my 2017 travels… Which two would it be!?

One of my best friends and favourite travel buddy, Sandy, has recently been to Canada and the photos she sent over… Oh my god, stunning. That nature! WANT. TO. GO.

My second pick is definitely Myanmar. I’ve been saying this for the past two years: I would love to visit very soon. A lot is changing and it is not too overrun by tourists yet so the best time to go is probably within the next one or two years. Who’s coming with me to explore?

Which countries are your favourite picks? Share in the comments 🙂




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