Life in Kisii, Kenya: Of love & kindness

This is the last post in my series about life in Kisii. It’s full of happiness and so it’s what I want to remember most from my volunteering placement with Balloon Ventures ICS. It’s about some of the lovely people I have encountered and the honest curiosity I have experienced from women and children. This one’s about love & kindness. Because ultimately, it’s those human beings and my memories with them that have made my time in Kenya; those are the stories that I will cherish and remember forever.

During my second week, I moved into a host home with my counterpart volunteer James from Nairobi. We are living with a family of ten: Mum and Dad, five daughters (two of those orphans) and three sons (one of them an orphan), although it’s only one girl and the two little boys (five and six) still living at the house.

That doesn’t mean it’s quiet! The two boys always keep me occupied. As soon as I open the door, they come rushing towards me, showering me with hugs, following me into my room. They have taken on the task of teaching me Swahili – though it’s going terribly for me… When I sit down on the sofa, they come up behind me and I’ve got four hands in my face. They love brushing my hair that’s “so white and soft” and they don’t tire of touching my “white, soft skin” that surely must make “people dance on the street when they see me” – yes, they’re that cute and charming!

When I’ve had a hard day, it’s that kind of love and affection that keeps up my spirits. My two new-found brothers aren’t the only ones making my days here so much happier…

On my way home, every evening without failure, I am greeted by a dozen, sometimes two, of kids who one fine evening summoned up the courage to ask for my name. Ever since, I can hear my name (or a version of it: Nadini or Nati) chanted by a choir of children’s voices. As soon as they spot me from a distance, they announce my arrival to the whole neighbourhood and all those kids inside the compound come running out to greet me. What I love most if when they walk me home and hold my hand as they do so.

It never fails to put a smile on my face.


Have you ever enjoyed any of that honest curiosity while you were traveling? What have been your best experiences?

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