El Tunco Travel Guide: Best hostels and restaurants

Have you been planning a trip to El Tunco and are wondering where best to sleep and eat? Here’s a handy little backpacker’s guide to one of my favourite beach towns with tips for the best hostels/hotels and restaurants.

If you’re thinking of what you can do in El Tunco, then read my El Tunco Travel Guide which includes a one week itinerary.



Where to sleep in El Tunco

It’s hard to find most hostels online so it’s best to come to El Tunco, walk around, look at your options and find the one that suits you most. Along the beach, there are some nice resorts with amazing views but they are very pricey. Here are some budget options:

Hotel Tunco Lodge:

Stayed there 3 out of 3 times. Lovely staff and good prices. $9/night for a hostel room (I had one with 3 beds all to myself), $20 for a private room with a fan (paid $16/night for a week). Clean rooms, clean pool area. Usually very quite.

2014-02-19 12.17.03


Papaya Lodge

Popular among Australian backpackers, prices as above. More of a party hostel and the pool area is not too nice.

La Guitarra Hotel & Bar

A pricier option with nice bungalows.

Hostal La Esquina

Probably one of the cheapest options in El Tunco. It’s 5 minutes walking distance away from the beach. Haven’t seen the rooms but from the outside it looks a bit shabby, still has its charm though.

Where to eat in El Tunco

You know this is always my favourite part. Food!

Taco Guanaco

Great local food for a great price. Their tacos and burritos are delicious and so is the fish ceviche. It’s a favorite among locals.

2014-02-24 15.26.15

Burrito El Chef

Freshly made fast-food. Delicious burritos. My favorite is the breakfast burrito with egg and plantain. Add a freshly made juice from the juice bar right next to it.

High Tide or Erika

For a desayuno tipíco (typical breakfast) of eggs, beans, cheese and plantain. Their other dishes are yummy as well.


4 - World Cup Germany - France (7)-1


In 4-5 steps, you can decide what you’d like in your wok. How about veggie rice with shrimp, peanut sauce, brokkoli and a topping of cashews? Around $7-10 depending on your choices.

Soya Nutribar

Healthy vegetarian and vegan dishes. Sooo good, seriously! After an early morning yoga class, try a rich smoothie or the delicious fruit salad with yogurt, honey and granola.

2014-07-01 09.24.46-1



Looking for a treat? Look no further! While I don’t like their other dishes, the brownie is simply amazing. You’ll get a huge piece of chocolaty goodness for only $2. That’s a food orgasm right there.


Trip to La Libertad

I also recommend taking the bus or a taxi to La Libertad and get some cheap and oh so delicious ceviche from one of the restaurants by the harbour. While we were there, we also stocked up on some fresh fish which we barbecued back in our hostel in El Tunco.

9 - La Libertad (6)-1

9 - La Libertad (10)-1

10 - BBQ (1)-1


What are your favourite places to eat and sleep in El Tunco?

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