Are you addicted to travel? Here are 26 signs that you are.

Ever wondered if you’re a travel addict? Find out here – how many of the 26 signs of being addicted to travel do you tick?

1. Nothing gets you more excited, let’s your heart beat faster, than traveling.

Who cares about Christmas or birthdays? Your next trip excites you so much more.


2. Haven’t traveled for a month? There’s this aching feeling in your heart.

Need. To. Book. Flight.

3. You’re always dreaming about where your next trip might take you.

Cuba? Iceland? You just can’t decide.

4. Each journey intensifies your desire to discover the world.

Just quit your job and never come back.

5. You have friends all over the world – and a couch to surf in most places you visit.

It’s amazing how many friends you make while traveling.

6. You just don’t enjoy foreign cuisine at home anymore. It’s simply not the real deal.

You know how it’s supposed to taste and where it’s supposed to be eaten.

7. There’s this little treasure chest of things you collected on your trips and your favorite photographs.

A train ticket. A bracelet from your fling. Your travel journals.

8. You’re an absolute pro at “Living out of your suitcase”! Packing, too, is easy peasy. 

You’re packing your backpack for that 3-months trip in less than 60 minutes.

9. You know you can feel at home just about anywhere in the world.

Ever found it hard to answer the question “Where is home for you then?”?


10. You’re courageous.

You’ve overcome your fears many times  – eaten insects, bungee jumped, slept alone in a train station. And you’ve survived. Stronger than ever.

11. Travel blogs and websites: You can read on and on and on.

And on…

12. Airports, buses, trains, ferry stations? You’re an expert when it comes to falling asleep no matter where.

And you always manage to wake up just in time to get off at your stop and to not miss that plane.

13. You’re always longing for a new adventure.

It simply gives you that great feeling of fulfillment. Pure happiness.

14. Living in the same city your entire life? How is that even possible?

I want to be a digital nomad!


15. You possess a little collection of foreign currencies.

They’re so pretty and colorful.

16. You never really get too attached to anything or anyone – who knows where you’ll be next month!

Settling down has become more difficult – but there’s still hope, right?


17. Your passport is full of colorful stamps.

Have you run out of pages yet?

18. Most of your monthly budget is allocated to traveling.

No need to spend a fortune on an expensive apartment or a car.

19. And you’re not saving to buy a house but rather to travel the world.

You just don’t see yourself settling down in the near future.

20. You’re sitting around a bonfire with your new travel mates planning your next journey or deciding to cancel your flight home tomorrow because really, you’re just not ready to go back home.

I want to stay forever!

21. You could spend hours talking to like-minded people and exchanging travel stories. Hours on end….

And then you’ll dream about those stories…


22. …whereas most of your friends at home are probably slowly getting annoyed with your “When I was in…”-stories.

Oh well, you’ve got a lifetime of great memories – your friends have the newest village gossip.

23. You value everything in terms of how much that would be for your next trip: 1000€ for a TV or a month in Guatemala including flights?

A no-brainer for you.

24. Your bucket list consists mainly of places you want to visit and once-in-a-lifetime experiences that go along with it.

Will I have enough time to do it all?

25. For you, there’s no such thing as getting lost. Because you know it’s all part of the journey.

Take a “wrong” turn here and there and you’ll discover unexpected beauty.

26. You have an optimistic outlook on life – life is beautiful and you live it to the fullest. Cherishing every moment, appreciating every single experience – good or bad.

You can only grow. You’ll always be moving forward.

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