Antigua Guatemala Restaurant Guide – Part 2

Hola amigos! I have more news from the culinary world of Antigua for you. Since my last post on this topic a week ago, I have checked out some more restaurants – just for you… oh well, maybe also a little bit for my own pleasure…

One bag of fruit costs Q5 and the fruit is delicious!
On the weekend I’ve had the chance to have some late breakfast as I didn’t have classes at 8am like during the week. On Saturday, I had una ensalada de frutas con yogurt y granola at Zoola (Q30; 2,70€) and on Sunday I tried the same breakfast at the café right next to La Casaca (sorry, I forgot the name) for about the same price plus a Chai Latte (yummy!). It was better than at Zoola and my friend’s sandwich looked delicious as well.
Some more recommendations:
  • Cafe El Portal: Try the New York cheesecake – it’s rich and creamy – and delicious!
  • The Bagel Barn: If you crave some Western food, it’s a good budget option. Its specialty is the GuateGuate Bagel with fried eggs, avocado and beans. I had a bagel with cream cheese, avocado, cucumbers and tomatoes. It has WiFi and the atmosphere is very chilled.
  • Rainbow Café: I’ve been there Wednesday night for Open Mic night as a friend played guitar and sang. The food looked amazing, especially the Nachos con carne. I sipped on a warm Krishna milk for Q17 (milk with honey, vanilla and banana). The brownies also looked fantastic.
  • Pitaya Juice Bar: A go-to for fresh juices and smoothies. They also serve some tasty sandwiches and salads.
  • Mango Verde: Another go-to for fresh smoothies and juices. Can’t decide whether this or Pitaya Juice Bar is my favorite.
  • Market: Smoothies at the market are usually also delicious, especially if made with fresh instead of frozen fruits. And they sell for friction of those at restaurants and cafés: At the market you’ll end up paying around Q6 to Q15 whereas at the two cafés prices start at Q20.
  • Cactus Taco Bar: Mhhhhh! Amazing Mexican food – they say it’s the best in town… I had the fish tacos (two of each flavor) for Q39 (3,50€). The owner is lovely and funny. It’s usually always packed with gringos and Latin Americans.
  • Luna de Miel: I went back there to try a savory crèpe instead of a sweet one and I preferred it though I must admit that I’ve had better crèpes, even in Antigua, e.g. at La Casaca.
  • A small ‘Ceviche’ restaurant (if you can call it that…): It had no name and was a whole in the wall so to speak. There was no menu and I just took the Ceviche Mixtos (Q25 including the lemonade; 2,20€). It is chopped tomatoes with parsley, lime, onions and seafood, very light and refreshing. The owner is a very nice lady and made me some sweet lemonade. You can reach this place if you’re at the market (the entrance at the very left if you’re facing the Parque Central), take this street (it’s the street on the block next to the block with the supermarket) towards the Parque Central and the “restaurant” will be in a small dead-end side street to your right.


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