Antigua Guatemala Restaurant Guide – Part 1

I’ve been in Antigua for a week now and am picking up Spanish quickly with my 5 hours of classes each day. Of course, I’ve not only been studying but have been wandering through the city quite a bit! And I’ve stumbled upon quite a bit of deliciousness… Antigua is known for its amazing cuisine and offers almost anything from platos típicos (typical Guatemalan dishes) to French, Peruvian, Israel, Thai, and Japanese (this list could go on…).


My go-to for Guatemalan breakfast

Whenever I’m visiting a foreign country I usually indulge in its specialties and thus I’m trying to eat at least one typical dish each day while I’m here. I’ve found a cute Guatemalan “restaurant” serving desayuno (breakfast) for Q15 which is something like 1,30€.

Desayuno típico









The typical breakfast consists of scrambled huevos (eggs), frijoles (beans), tortillas, queso (cheese) and a coffee or “plantain drink” (I believe it’s plantains cooked in water). I also loooove avocados – thanks god they’re so cheap here: 0,30€ for 2 delicious avocados. Avocados combined with baby bananas also make a delicious breakfast for me. Or simply fresh cut-up fruit from a street vendor, a smoothie (con agua, leche o yogurt) from Mango Verde or La Casaca (around Q22; 2€)can also make my day. Every once in a while I love snacking on a tostada (a crispy-fried tortilla with fresh aguacate (avocado), salsa and cabbage for Q5 (0,40€).

As it gets quite hot during the day, I usually just opt for a little snack for lunch, like fresh fruit, avocados (yes, I eat a lot of those here), smoothies, crèpes, or sandwiches. In the picture below I’m eating a waffle with fruits and honey at La Casaca (definitely one of my favorite cafés here). The views from its rooftop terrace are beautiful. Luna de Miel is popular for its crèpes and also features a cozy rooftop terrace. My Nutella strawberry crèpe with vanilla ice cream cost something like Q33 (3€). Don’t drink the mint ice tea, it tasted like sugar water and nothing like mint…

La Casaca

For dinner I’ve tried quite a bit. I’m staying at a hostel called Zoola which is run by Israelis and there’s a restaurant and bar inside. The hummus with Lafa bread (Q32; 2,90€) is quite good and I have yet to try the Labane which they’re always out of when I want to order it.

A few days ago I met up with some Americans at a Peruvian restaurant (Inca Restaurante), the food was quite good but also pricey for Central America (around Q90-120 for a main dish).

With my Australian/Canadian friends I’ve been to a Thai restaurant called Café Flor close to the Central Park which I can highly recommend. I had a green vegetable curry which tasted similar to what you would get in Thailand (I’ve tried quite a few Thai restaurants in other countries and it hardly ever tastes like the real thing). Prices were okay: I paid Q58 (5,50€) for the curry and we shared a bottle of wine for Q140 (12€).

Last night, we went to the Travel Menu which is a very cute restaurant one block from Zoola offering great value international dishes. I took the veggie stir-fry with a soy ginger sauce for Q30 (2,80€) and the dish was so huge that I couldn’t even finish it.

There are still quite a few restaurants on my list that I’d like to try but I’m running out of time, oh no… Off for a walk through the city now, apparently the market is great on Saturdays. And while I’m at it, going to look for another delicious lunch opportunity!


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