The Sweetness of Traveling is a travel blog by a female (solo) traveler. It features travel and destination guides, personal experiences, hotel/restaurant/activities reviews and tips and tricks for your own adventures.

So who is this girl behind The Sweetness of Traveling you ask? 

I’m Nadine. Passionate world traveler. Global Citizen. Explorer.
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The urge to travel, to explore unknown places, to meet interesting people, to immerse myself in different cultures – I guess it just runs in my blood. My grandpa – his name was Walter – fascinated me with his travel stories. How he took the Transiberian train across the Soviet Union or visited the North Cape. How he became close friends with a taxi driver in Denmark – our families visiting each other up until my generation. Only as I’ve become older, have I realised the value of these stories and his journeys.

I am hungry to continue his legacy, discovering the world and finding my place in it with every new journey. Every single one unique in itself. With every journey, you grow. You will return a different person. Traveling is rewarding in a form you will only understand if you are a traveler yourself. Traveling can make your life so much sweeter if you fully embrace it.

And so with my blog, my pictures, my stories, I hope to spark that same flame inside you. So that one day, you will experience the same urge to go and discover the world. And yourself.

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