A Thank You note and update from our trip

We would like to thank every single one who made a contribution to our project in what ever form. We were so happy to see how many people wanted to support our cause and bring happiness to Central America’s children. 
You have not only donated money via the Trevolta site or directly to us but also helped us out with donations in kind like clothes, school supplies and toys which are all highly needed by the orphanages and schools we have and will visit within the next weeks.
At this point, I would like to give a special thanks to the best aunt in the world, Christiane! Without you, we could not have organized everything as perfectly. Besides your monetary and in-kind donations you have also invested a great deal of time in our project and we and the kids are utterly greatful for that. Lots of love to you!
But, of course, a huge Thanks also goes out to everyone else:
Frank Puchtler
Firma Hild GmbH
Scott Ulrich
Alexis Le Chevallier
Michael Stahl
Pierre Luther
Mark Appleby
Christian Bilda
Max Henn
Michaela Alkhofer
Anja Bernhard & Yogis
Familie Gehrke
CEMS Club Vienna
Matthias und Jana Schlosser
Hans und Christine Morgner
Inge Martin
Anthony Tikonov
Georg Esser
Joske de Ligt
Harold Steinvorth
Neil Golding
Aldo Scarpitta
Patrick Berus
Mark karimov
Peter Haber Spielewelt Diez
Patricia Vogt (Big Deal)
Praxis Dr. von Bergh
Jaqueline Kunis
Yvonne Meinel
Your donations have gone to:
Remar El Tunco – a school and orphanage in my favorite little beach town in El Salvador which currently has about 300 kids going to school there. Several of them live in the orphanage which also has a few cute little babies that are taken care of by the women living there. We have distributed clothes for kids aged 0-16, some school supplies, a few communal toys like a football, some hygiene articles and €90 in cash which will be used for buying food.
Casa Guatemala – an orphanage that also serves as a school for village kids from Rio Dulce. They have 200 kids at the moment aged 4-15 who mostly live in the orphanage in a boy’s and a girl’s house. They are in great need of clothes and school supplies as well as medical supplies as they’re also operating a clinic that is free to all villagers. We had 200 little toys and candies which we distributed to the kiddies and they were so excited about that. How cute was that when they walked up to the suitcase and picked their own little treat. Besides that we also had enough clothes to give one piece to every kid and we provided some school supplies.  The cash donation of €120 will be used to for food.
Hogarcito San Bosco de La Fortuna – this was a small orphanage in La Fortuna, Costa Rica, providing a loving home to 17 kids aged 0-10 years. Most of them are being adopted after a while but others will have to move to a different orphanage for older kids. They are also being taught in the facility. We had a toy for each child, the girls were so excited about the baronies and the boys loved the toy cars. As we did not have a lot of in-kind donations left we made a more generous cash donation of 270€.
Elementary school on Caye Caulker, Belize – as they were on holiday we had to make the in-kind donation of clothes and school supplies to the Sundreams Hostel which collects donations from its guests and passes them on to the school.
We have about 500€ left to be distributed to an organization in Nicaragua and possibly to Remar El Tunco.

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