6 Tips for Traveling More Sustainably

Over the last years, I’ve been to many beautiful places. I’ve seen stunning beaches, stood on impressive cliffs, marvelled at life happening in and around the Ganges. Unfortunately, those scenes weren’t always perfect though. Seeing the amounts of trash lying around made me sad, especially as a traveller. Seeing foreigners, travellers, disrespect local cultures and traditions – we can’t let that happen. It’s time for more sustainable travel!


If we want to continue to enjoy the beautiful places on our planet and experience local cultures while being welcomed with open arms and warm smiles, we need to start being more responsible travellers.

My blog post 6 Tips For Traveling More Sustainably has recently been published on We Are Travel Girls. Have a look and see how you can become a more sustainable traveller!

Sustainable Travel is the way to go!


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